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We were born on this special planet where nature provides an abundance. In the form of mountains of grandeur, oceans of bounty, fertile soils, forests of green perfection where every living creature is intertwined in itfs ongoing evolution.

Due to these unlimited blessings we as human beings can live, love and take pleasure in all that is offered.

Our civilization continued development through consuming the earthfs resources and there has been ongoing pollution of the global environment. For example, burned coal, fossil fuels and the disintegration of vast forests. Activities which have caused escalation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to dramatically increase.
As a consequence there are now alarming statistics to prove chronic change now underway will have dire ramifications for all living creatures, which of course includes us as humans.
Abnormal weather patterns are now a common feature.

As a resident of the earth, isnft it our responsibility and duty to conserve the earth?

The persistent everyday small efforts, such as decreasing the often useless consumption of resources will at least create a catalyst towards the prevention of further global warming.

The most important thing is each personfs caring for the earth. One person may feel their own small effort as worthless, however one person is important and can make a difference.
Our earth is an especially beautiful planet in the galaxy and I have always appreciated being born here. I have always felt the love for the earth and embraced her in my image to express love and care.

I believe there are many people who feel a deep love for the earth as I do, but perhaps do not express their feelings openly.
We easily, express our caring and love for family, friends and pets, by holding them in our arms and they have the very real feeling they are loved and cared for.

As soon as this idea came to me I felt compelled in taking action to create the earth in a form that I can hold.
I styled and had manufactured an earth that enables us to embrace, love and care for.
If we actually hold this facsimile of earth and allow our imaginations to feel it as our living earth, itfs existence becomes more real and so much closer.

Our caring and love can heal the earth. And as more people join, and feelings grow, surely the healing accelerates.

Progression of civilization has caused environmental destruction. I believe that we can resolve this perilous situation when each person remembers their love for the earth.

The time has arrived to be aware of our common destiny earth ? humans. Our unification in the common cause can revive a damaged planet ? our home.

Every person is special, every person has power and even if one person in a hundred or even one person in a thousand send love and healing to the earth together a wave can begin.

Letfs join together, by holding the earth in our arms, like a mother or a friend, a carer.

In order to remind as many people as possible of the love and gratitude for the earth, I would greatly appreciate your sharing of this project with your family, friends and neighbours and encourage them to join you/and us.
And my prayer travels with this project for its success, or rather the earths success.

How to pray for the earth

You can pray to the pray in any way. For your information I would like to tell you how I send my love and healing to the earth.

To begin with, I embrace the earth with the image that the energy of love and healing penetrates, then surrounds the earth.
As you feel your heart go out towards it, you can say to the earth, eI do love you, I really love you, I care for you so much etc.
Or you could also say eThank you for so many blessingsf
Alternatively you can simply hold the earth, saying no words.

The way to hold the earth is the same as the way you embrace a baby, your loved ones, or your pets. All you do is love the earth in the same way as you love others.
As your feelings increase, you could hold the earth for a longer time.

After that, imagine that the light goes into your body from each pore, inhaling slowly and deeply, and your entire body is filled and surrounded with the light.

You can collect the light at your chest and stomach. When you exhale, the light goes out of your body and you become the light. The light will wrap the whole earth.

You can say anything toward the earth to show your affection, here is a sample.

gMy dear earth, thank you for giving us so many blessings. Please forgive human beings for their foolishness that has polluted your once pristine image. We, each person give our promise to be more conscious of how we now go forward without any ensuing damage.

What a great planet you are, how splendid you are



Product details of the Glove Cushion eMy Earthf
Product Dimensions: 30cm diameter globe; 550 g
Boxed-product Weight: 700 g

This soft, yet durable, 'Earth' has been manufactured with the highest quality and attention to detail.
The area of the sea is made with a fluffy, beautiful blue polyester cloth.
The continents are designed and created using various colored felt like cloth and delicately sewn to the globe. Small islands are established and embroidered with various attractive, lustrous threads.
After many attempted efforts to create a worthy earth facsimile, the producer finally settled and was satisfied with the product now available.
In this endeavour the results are visually pleasing and entice interaction.
A child or adult will find this 'My Earth' easy to embrace, while the soft insulation provides a feeling of comfort.
This item is a wonderful gift, one to keep and treasure and pass on to coming generations.
There are many ways of gifting this 'My Earth'. For example as a birthday present, as a school project or library, from friend to friend, or maybe you can think of another unique way.
And as a bonus this is an item which gives a peaceful feeling as well.
MY EARTH has its own shelter in a skillfully designed carton displayingthe blue sky and clouds that surround the earth.
Something to keep - something to treasure

Price: $150 US dollar only including shipping and handling fee
Delivery Destinations: We use EMS mail to almost all over the world.
For some countries and areas, EMS is limited to certain areas.

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